McCoy SL4500 TubingPower Tong

4-1/2″ “SLIM” Tubing Tong with Hydraulic Backup

The SL4500 hydraulic tubing tong offers a significantly reduced rig footprint, while continuing to deliver power and reliability. The simple design cuts maintenance and overhaul times, and the hydraulic shifter mechanism allows the operator to “shift gears on the fly,” eliminating the need to stop the tong to shift gears. The small size of the tong makes it an ideal tool for snubbing and workover/service rig applications. Tong and backup combo is available in high-torque and low-torque versions and with a variety of options. The SL4500 tubing tong can handle tubulars as small as 1-3/16″ to as large as 5″ in diameter.

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Product Information

Part No:

Size range:
1-3/16″ to 5″

Maximum Hydraulic requirements:
2,500 psi (17.237 MPa) and 60 gpm (227.1 lpm)

Maximum low gear torque and speed:
8,000 ft lb. at 39 rpm (10847 Nm)

Maximum high gear torque and speed:
4,000 ft lb. at 76 rpm (5423 Nm)

Torque handle length:
18″ (46 cm)

Overall length (Doors Closed):
40-1/8″ (102 cm)

Overall width:
29″ (74 cm)

Overall height:
54″ (137 cm)

Optional Backups

Cam style 5″ backup

Jaws and Dies

Wraparound or Dovetail jaws
Fine Tooth Steel or GRITFACE® dies

Optional Accessories

Lift cylinder or spring hanger
Load cell/Torque gauge
Rigid bail
Rigid base


CE Marked and Registered for International Use


1,000 lb. (455 Kg) Jaws not included