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Highest Quality GRITFACE® Dies and Inserts

Get the highest-quality dies and inserts in the fastest turnaround time. Since 2005, McCoy has been producing GRITFACE® Dies and Inserts; today we manufacture all the common dies and inserts used throughout the world.

McCoy inserts are machined, not cast, to provide the accuracy you need for critical applications. Our dies are heat-treated to provide maximum insert life. We also offer a variety of tooth patterns to securely grip the hardest strings of casing, tubing, and drill pipe.

We know that today’s hostile well environments often use corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) tubulars that require special handling tools. Our GRITFACE® Inserts allow you to use your standard handling tools with CRA strings because the GRITFACE® Coating prevents contamination and marking. It’s economical and allows you to use the tools you have on hand.

Texas Internatlional OIlfield Tools, LTD maintains a large inventory of McCoy Global / FARR® products from Power Tongs, Dies and Inserts, WinCatt® the Torque Turn System and CLINCHER® / FARR® Backups. Our respond to your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Custom dies and inserts for unique applications are available.

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Product Information

Why GRITFACE® Dies and Inserts?

GRITFACE® coating for tong dies and handling tool inserts is the choice of energy service companies around the world. Economical and proven to work, this innovative coating gives you the following benefits:

  • Protects tubulars with minimal marking—the typical indention depth is 0.004″ to 0.006″, less than half of API allowable surface defect depth
  • Eliminates linear stress risers that reduce fatigue life and pipe strength by randomly scattering indentations
  • Prevents creation of pits containing iron or steel, which can contaminate the surface of CRA tubulars causing rapid, premature corrosion failure
  • Has a uniform coated surface with optimal dimensional control
  • Offers superior gripping capacity—the high hardness of coating components (approx 92 HRA) grips “Super” and “Hyper” chrome alloys oxide coatings more effectively than carburized teeth (both are approx 62 HRC)
  • Has higher torque capabilities

McCoy’s standard is used by several premium pipe manufacturers. We define 4.5% of wall thickness as a maximum allowable surface indentation for normal tubular gripping applications. The greatest indention depth documented in testing to date is 3.54%, with typical depths ranging from 1.45% to 2.9%.

GRITFACE® coating for tong dies and handling tool inserts is field-proven to last longer than hardened steel dies and inserts used with high-strength tubulars:

  • Used to run most CRA tubulars in North Sea since 1997 and now used worldwide
  • Used on tubulars from 1-3/50” to 13-3/8”
  • Heaviest string run to date weighs in excess of 250 tons
  • Heaviest lab test to date is 400 tons on 7”-35PPF 22% Cr 125ksi tubing
  • Used with expandable tubulars

Over 155 GRITFACE® inserts are available for almost every handling tool and safety clamp, eliminating the need for specially adapted equipment and increasing the utilization of your handling tool inventory. In the field, our dies and inserts reduce operator fatigue and keep operators safe because they aren’t reaching into tools at each connection. Try GRITFACE® Coating for dies and inserts today.