McCoy Global winCATT®

winCATT®Torque Turn System

Monitor and control tubular connection power tong make-up reliably, accurately, and easily with WINCATT®.

WINCATT® is a software tool that interacts with external control hardware to provide real-time monitoring and control of tubular connection power tong make-up. It allows you to easily specify make-up parameters, control the make-up process, and evaluate quality.

Using the software, you can monitor torque, turns, and rotational speed during make-up. You have the option of controlling speed during make-up as well. Controls are based on either final torque or final turns.

WINCATT® Torque Turn Monitoring System comes with:

  • Calibration management system
  • Automatic “Start Recording” and “Dump Valve Release”
  • Automatic descriptive comments with optional override
  • Optional pressure test system is available

WINCATT® increases the safety of your people and gives you the information you need to ensure make-up conforms to manufacturers’ specs. You can review results from previous make-ups and create a number of reports for further analysis and information.

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Product Information

Part No:

Newest Features of WinCATT®7:
Laptop running Windows 8
WINCATT®7 software
Option to integrate with WINCATT®8 (weCATT™) software and hardware
Touch screen
Built-in “one step” reporting system
Pipe connection library
Shoulder slope calculation
Multi-joint review, graphic overlay
Custom zoom feature
Program configuration in Tong or Bucking Unit mode

Monitors torque, turns and rotation speed during make-up
Controls based on final torque or final turns. Includes calibration management system
Includes automatic “Start Recording” and “Dump Valve Release”
Includes automatic descriptive comments with optional override
Option to accept or reject connection on delta turn
Easy graphical report creation and printing of reports with one button
Controls speed during make-up (optional)
Available with optional pressure test system
View multiple joints in make-up screen
Features mutiple language capabilities

Analyzes Makeup to Determine:

Conformance with thread manufacturer’s specification
Shouldering point for premium connections
Shouldering time, delta torque, delta turns
Review results from previous make-ups

Description Specifications
Computer Laptop running Windows 8 in stainless steel enclosure
Sampling frequency User-defined from 1 to 8,000 Hz
Recording frequency Based on delta torque and user-defined delta time
Response time Electronics: < 0.5 ms
Hydraulic Dump Valve: Typical 10 to 30 ms
Final torque Average = optimum torque +/- 1%
Operating temperature 40° to 122°F (computer); 22° to 170°F (junction box)
Torque accuracy Typically <1%
Turns accuracy +/- 1 pulse of turns counter
Pressure accuracy Typically <1%
ATEX Certified Units
Used for hazardous and non-hazardous locations


WINCATT® Ex is ATEX certified for ATEX Category 2.

Suitable for:
Hazardous Locations
Apparatus Group II
Gas Group IIB
T Class T4
T Ambient -4° to 122°F

CE 0518 Certified

Pressurized Enclosure Type: PE2E266

Comes with Air Filter Assembly