McCoy HD9625 Casing Power Tong

The 9-5/8” power tong with Rineer GA15-13 two-speed hydraulic motor, motor valve, lift cylinder valve, rigid sling, FARR® hydraulic backup, configured for compression load cell.

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Product Information

Part No:

Size range:
2-3/8″ – 9-5/8″

Hydraulic power supply:
2,500 psi at 60 gpm (17.237 MPa at 221.1 lpm)

Torque Low/Low Gear:
22,000 ft.-lb. at 14 RPM

Torque Low/High Gear:
11,000 ft.-lb. at 28 RPM

Torque High/Low Gear:
4,300 ft.-lb. at 71 RPM

Torque High/High Gear:
2,200 ft.-lb. at 142 RPM

Torque Arm Length:
32″ (81.3 cm)

Overall length:
49″ (101.6 cm)

Overall width:
30″ (76.2 cm)

Overall height:
36-1/4″ (92 cm)

Optional Backups

Cam Style 9625

Jaws and Dies

Wraparound or Dovetail jaws
Fine Tooth Steel or GRITFACE® dies

Optional Accessories

Lift Cylinder or Spring Hanger
Load Cell/Torque Gauge
Rigid Ball


All RPM based on 60 GPM flow rate.


1102 lb. (500 Kg)