Tesco® Cementing Swivel

Made to compliment TESCO’s CDS, our Cement Swivel provides an entry port for the cement between the CDS and the top drive. This combination of equipment allows almost immediate transition from casing running operations to cementing, and it also allows the casing to be rotated and reciprocated during the cementing process.

After casing reaches total depth, the top cement plug is attached to the CDS, and the cementing line is rigged up to the cement swivel.

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Product Information

Load Rating: 600 ton
Working Pressure Rating: 5,000 psi at 50 rpm
Swivel Body Length: 30 inches
Swivel Body Diameter: 15-1/2 inches
Connections: 6-5/8 API Regular Pin X Box
Inner Diameter: 2.-1/2 inches
Entry Port Size: 4 inch Figure 1002 Hammer Union
Maximum Ball Size: 2 inches
Maximum Flowrate (through complete system): 2,500 gpm at 5,000 psi

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