EZY Torque Precision Cathead

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Texas International Oilfield Tools (TIOT) offers the EZY Torque which operates manual tongs remotely and it is capable of providing a very high force pull. The hydraulic power unit runs the cylinder. The cylinder operates in conjunction with the cathead.

The cylinder extends 25”. In the upright position, this typically requires a hole in the floor and no obstructions below. In the inverted position, clearance is needed overhead. The cable in either installation has to be at tong height. The upright position is preferred because it 1) takes the least space, 2) requires the least bracing material, 3) is easier to service, and 4) uses less connection hose. However, rig conditions may make the inverted installation more practical. The cylinder’s supporting structure is not provided.

The hydraulic power unit requires three (3) phase 460 volts AC. The motor can be requested for 230/220 volts but 460 provides better performance. The hydraulic hoses to the cylinder can be lengthened to 50 feet without affecting cylinder operation, but the five (5) control hoses should remain at 25 feet as longer hoses will adversely affect cylinder reaction time. The top connections are for the control hoses, those on the side are for cylinder hoses. Electrical is connected through the top of the control box. The connections and control switch should be easy to reach. The fluid temperature gauge and filter condition indicator is on the opposite side and will need to be seen and serviced. Mount the power unit (step #2) securely by either bolting or welding it to the rig floor. The unit requires ventilation and secure routing of the five (5) control hoses and two (2) cylinder hoses.

The control box should be mounted where 1) it’s convenient to the driller and 2) the 25 foot control hoses will reach. Connect A on the control box to the A on the hydraulic power unit, B to B, etc.

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