TI Mfg. Electrohydraulic Skid Mtd. Power Unit (HPU)

Electrohydraulic Power Unit

Compact Design

Texas International Oilfield Tools (TIOT) offers a Power Unit which operates many types of electrohydraulic equipment. The unit is mounted on a skid for easy transport.

On the power unit, an electric motor drives a dual stage pump at a setting of 1500 rpm (50 hertz (hz) or 1800 rpm (60 hz). The pump draws hydraulic fluid from the tank and delivers hydraulic fluid up to 2500 psi on the pressure line, adjustable at the unloader valve (preset at 1000 psi). The pump delivers 66 GPM at 50 hz and 79.5 GPM at 60 hz. As the line pressure decreases to 1000 psi,volume decreases to 31 or 37.5 GPM (depending on frequency). The higher volume stage of the pump is literally “unloaded” at 1000 psi, simply transferring its volume from the tank directly back to the tank through the return full flow filter with only a few psi pressure. The lower volume state of the pump is always supplying fluid to either the output disconnect or the relief valve at system pressure. The relief valve has a maximum (factory) setting of 2500 psi. The 2500 psi setting is the maximum recommended output pressure for the standard pump. Theoretically the unit could produce 2971 psi at full motor rated output, but pump life will be shortened, possibly dramatically. See the Adjustment section on page 14 for how to change these settings. The unit is slightly overpowered for long service life. Exceeding the factory set pressures is nor recommended.

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Product Information

Weight / Size

Power Unit:
L: 97-1/8″  W: 52″  H: 60-7/16″
Dry wgt. 3,159 | Full: 4,023


ASTM A36 steel construction
Lift eyes on top


Fully welded belly pan
Full length forklift tubes
Removable top
Drain (plugged) 2″

Starter Station

Explosion proof
Sealed cast aluminum


Recommended Oils

Mobil DTE24
Castrol Hyspin VG32
Royal Purple Syndtraulic 32
Shell Tellus 32
PetroCanada Environ AW 32
ISO viscosity grade 46 – for warmer clients