TI Mfg. Deutz Diesel Powered Hydraulic Skid Mounted Power Unit (HPU)

TI Mfg 6 cylinder Deutz Diesel Skid Mounted Hydraulic Power Unit

Compact Design

Texas International Oilfield Tools (TIOT) offers a Power Unit which operates many types of electrohydraulic equipment. The unit is mounted on a skid for easy transport.

On the power unit, a diesel engine drives the dual stage pump at a setting of 2100 rpm. The pump draws hydraulic fluid from the tank and delivers hydraulic fluid up to 2500 psi on the pressure line, adjustable at the relief valve (preset at 2500 psi). The 2500 psi setting is the maximum recommended output pressure for the standard pump. Theoretically the unit could produce more at full engine rated output, but pump life will be shortened, possibly dramatically. The pump delivers 65 GPM at 1000 psi and 27 GPM at the engine’s maximum speed of 2500 psi. See the Adjustment section on page 16 for how to change the relief valve setting.

The unit is slightly overpowered for long service life. Exceeding the factory set pressures is not recommended.

Review the Deutz engine manual, Appendix A, for detailed instructions on startup, shut down and operation. The engine is controlled by the hydro-throttle, which opens the throttle as the load increases.

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Product Information

Part No:

Air or Electric Start

Item Size (inches) Dry Weight (lbs) Full Weight (lbs)
Power Unit 86 – 52 – 59 3709 4821
Power Unit-Turbo ‘110-1/2 – 52 – 59 4092 5204
Item Power (hp) Speed (rpm) Torque (ft/lbs) Oil/Filter Change (hrs) Fuel Consumption
Deutz Air Cooled Diesel Engine – Air Start 119 2500 255 500** 6 gph***
Deutz Air Cooled Diesel Engine – Electric Start 85 1500 295 500** 6 gph***
** Under severe condition – do every 250 hours
*** Approximately at maximum output


Recommended Oils:

DEUTZ Oil Rodon 10W40 low SAPS (DQC III-10 LA)
DEUTZ Cooling System Conditioner

Weight / Size

Power Unit:
L: 96″ W: 52″ H: 59″
Dry wgt. 3,709 | Full: 4,821

Power Unit – Turbo:
L: 110-1/2″ W: 52″ H: 59″
Dry wgt. 4,092 | Full: 5,204