McCoy KT5500 Tubing Power Tong

5-1/2″ • 18K Hydraulic Power Tong

The KT5500 hydraulic power tong can handle tubulars as small as 2-1/16″ and as large as 5-1/2″ in diameter. Wraparound jaw and die technology for the two tong jaws is available. Also available with low-marking CHROMEMASTER™ “softgrip” jaw assembly mated to a 5-1/2″ tong. Tong can be mounted on either a CLINCHER® or FARR® hydraulic backup. Available with McCoy’s patented WinCatt® data acquisition and torque control system for the make-up of tubular connections.

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Product Information

Part No:

Size range:
2-1/16″ to 5-1/2″

Hydraulic power supply:
2,500 psi and 60 gpm (17.2 MPa and 227.1 lpm)

Maximum low gear torque and speed:
18,894 ft.-lb. and 16.1 rpm

Maximum high gear torque and speed:
3,780 ft.-lb. and 80.5 rpm

Torque handle length:
36″ (91.4 cm)

Overall length (Doors Closed):
52″ (132.1 cm)

Overall width:
25-1/2″ (64.8 cm)

Overall height:
33-1/4″ (84.5 cm)

Optional Backups

CLINCHER® Compression or Tension 5500
CLINCHER® Compression or Tension 6500
FARR Cam Style 5500

Jaws and Dies

Wraparound or Dovetail jaws
Fine Tooth Steel or GRITFACE® dies

Optional Accessories

Lift cylinder or spring hanger
Load cell/Torque gauge
Rigid bail or chain bail


CE Marked and Registered for International Use


1,250 lb. (568.2 Kg)