Power Tongs

We stock hard to find tubing and casing power tongs.


Power tongs are an essential tool in the drilling industry and are used to make up, break out, apply torque and to grip the tubular components. We are distributors for both Starr Power Tongs and McCoy Global hydraulic power tongs in multiple sizes and torque ranges from high torque to low torque that can be used to run both casing, drill pipe and tubing. When determining which power tong is best for your project, you will want to select the power tong that best fits your tubular size ranges and torque required. All of our power tongs are available with either the McCoy\'s patented WinCatt data acquisition software recently updated to the MTT systems or AllTorque\'s computer monitoring system for all the torque and turn control system needed in today\'s market for the making of tubular connections. Discover our wide selection of McCoy and Starr casing tongs, tubing tongs and power tongs for sale below!

We carry used refurbished power tongs in all sizes.