Casing Tools

Offering quick delivery on casing elevators (single joint, tubing, pipe, side door)


Our casing equipment and handling tool selection includes a variety of casing elevators, casing spiders, tubing elevators, slip type elevators, drill pipe elevators, single joint elevators, safety clamps, rotary hand slips, forged links, forged link extensions stabbing guides and thread protectors. The casing elevators for sale on our website are grouped by their tonage, size and styles, but they’re all used for hoisting oilfield casing, tubing, drill pipe and drill collars. They also all possess a variety of safety and convenience features including: safety latch, lock key pins that fasten directly into the elevator halves and lifting eyes that are strategically placed to avoid inadvertently picking up the tubulars. Other than our own line of Texas International manufactured elevators, links, safety clamps and slips we stock and distrubute ProTech thread protectors manufactured by ConTech These thread protectors were developed to quickly latch with their non-ferrous metal latch assembly. The ProTech Thread Protectors are the safest, and most durable protector available on today’s market. Texas International Oilfield Tools stocks a large inventory of used reconditioned and certified tongs, handling tools and equipment.