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Oilfield casing elevators and spider are used to grip tubulars and API-sized pipes vertically lifting and lowering the string into or out of the wellbore as part of the casing running process. These elevators can be set up on your drilling rig as an actual elevator, meaning thefre hoisted by bails, link extensions and the top drive, or they can be configured as a spider, meaning they are mounted on the rig floor gripping the string and holding it in place. Depending on which configuration works best for your drilling site, you will need to utilize different accessories like a bell guide, slip assemblies, door guides, bottom guides or top guides.

We sell elevators with capacities from 250 tons to 750 tons, link extensions to hang the elevators and flush mounted spiders to eliminate the need for scaffolding. Our elevators and spiders will give your rig crew more room to work, creating a safer work environment.

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