Casing Running Tools

Leading provider of TESCO® casing running tools.


The casing running equipment we sell includes internal and external casing running tools. Volant’s CRTi and CRTe are mechanical casing running tools and the Tesco CDS, casing drive systems is a hydraulic casing running tool. Casing running tools can make up and break out casing joints, lower, lift, pull, torque and rotate the entire string while running in or out of the hole. We also offer Tesco Cementing Swivels and McCoy’s wireless torque subs to record torque and cement the casing string in the hole. These casing tools, cement swivels, torque subs and CRT’s are best used in conjunction with each other. Both the internal and external running tools are used to maximize the utility of the top drive, which then enhances the tubular; this becomes especially useful when drilling in horizontal wells. The Tesco Cementing Swivel provides an entry port for the cement when attached to the CRT and top drive allowing cement to easily flow into the casing and wellbore without the need of a cement head which can save time and money.